Four Simple Steps HENRYs Can Take to Live Their Best Lives

HENRYs emoney

HENRYs, or High Earners Not Rich Yet, are attractive prospects for financial advisors. Despite their lack of accumulated wealth, HENRYs earn high discretionary incomes, which they sometimes spend unwisely. Advisors can help these clients turn that discretionary income into a sustainable foundation for a solid legacy. While HENRYs might be just the type of client…

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Asset Reallocation Technique | Foundational Planning

Foundational Planning allows you to establish planning-led relationships with more clients. With our latest enhancement, you can now easily demonstrate the impact of an asset reallocation strategy on a client’s overall plan and its probability of success. How does it work? To get started using the new Asset Reallocation technique, select your client and navigate to the Planning page….

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Advisor | Client Portal Investment Consistency Update Coming in May

This May, we’re standardizing the definition of investments across the Advisor and Client Portals to create a consistent eMoney experience. This update will further help you provide insight into your clients’ accounts and enable them to easily monitor all of their investments and accounts. The new definition of investments that will be applied across both…

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