Proof that Stellar Service Pays: Customer Experience Leaders Outperform the Market Yet Again


Industry leaders in customer experience have outperformed the market for seven years running. That’s the notable insight from advisory firm Watermark Consulting’s just-released 2014 Customer Experience ROI Study. Watermark conducts the annual study to help business leaders understand the overarching influence of a great and poor customer experiences. They accomplish this by evaluating the cumulative […]

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Make a Splash: How to Effectively Incorporate eMoney’s Advisor Marketing Materials for Maximum Impact


It’s no secret that as a human advisor, there are a lot of things you can do that your roboadvisor competition simply can’t. There is one thing that roboadvisors can do that you might not be able to, though, and that is pony up the cash for slick, well-produced marketing materials like this television spot. […]

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eMoney Tip of the Week: Asset Allocation Alerts

eMoney features a system of alerts that can help you stay on top of opportunities that arise in your book of business. For example, you can be alerted whenever your clients’ investments contain invalid securities tickers or CUSIPS for securities within your clients’ portfolios. Here’s how: go to Start, Alerts. Click on Manage Client Alerts. […]

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Lock it Up: Five Items Your Clients Should be Storing in the Vault


At eMoney Advisor, we pride ourselves on being the silent partner in your business. Part of that responsibility means providing you with resources and best practices to help you build even stronger relationships with your clients. We’ve previously discussed ways to more effectively get your clients up and running with new technology and ways to […]

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You’re Going to Want to See This


We tried to keep it fairly hush-hush, but some of our more enthusiastic users shared their excitement about some rumors on social media. We’re extremely flattered, and while we’re not ready to make a full announcement we wanted to clue you all in on what you can expect in the coming months: there are big […]

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