Remote Advising: The Latest Trend in Wealth Management


As robo-advisors continue to take up a larger space in the financial services marketplace, advisors are looking for ways to combat their new digital competition. We all know that human advisors provide services that robo-advisors simply cannot. But there’s a reason that these tech-based “advisors” are catching on: People are drawn to them due to […]

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Case Study: Small Advisory Firm Sees Retention Rates Rise by More Than 50% With eMoney

We know eMoney helps financial professionals grow their business by giving them the tools needed to better serve their clients, but we want you to hear it straight from those who we’ve helped the most–real eMoney users. Check back here regularly for new advisor Case Studies* that answer your critical questions, and give you a […]

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What Makes $1 Billion “Whales” Move?


What makes a big team move? What could be the catalyst powerful enough to make advisors managing more than $1B in assets leave the comfort of a familiar nest to undertake the herculean effort of changing firms? Could the money alone be a powerful enough motivator? Except for rare instances, the answer is “no.” When […]

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3 Things to Look For When Purchasing Technology for Your Business


 By streamlining work, increasing capacity and expanding their target market, technology can increase both revenue and exposure. More importantly though, advisors who use technology are meeting their clients’ expectations. According to the 2014 World Wealth Report, released by Capgemeni Financial Services and RBC Wealth Management, almost two-thirds (65%) of high net worth investors expect to […]

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The Changing College Planning Paradigm: Implications and Opportunities for Financial Advisors, Part 3


In this final installment of the three-part series on The Changing College Planning Paradigm: Implications and Opportunities for Financial Advisors, I’ll conclude with a very practical application of enhanced college planning (beyond just savings strategies) that may help to solve a significant long-term challenge for many advisors. Let me start by posing a few questions […]

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