eMoney Tip of the Week: Entering Social Security into the Fact Finder

eMoney has a number of different options available when entering Social Security benefits into your Fact Finder. The initial default setting for Social Security income is “Estimated from Income.” When you select “Estimate from Income” the system calculates an estimated benefit value based on the client’s salary and potential growth. This is the most efficient option…

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Advanced Analytics Chart Coming Soon: Vault

The Vault chart, coming later this month, is designed to give you an understanding of Vault usage across clients – at a glance. Paired with the previously released Presentations and Scenarios charts, you have complete visibility into every stage of the planning process – from building the initial scenario and creating the client-facing presentation to final delivery through your shared…

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eMoney Advisor Adds Final Keynote Speaker, Guy Kawasaki, to Fourth Annual Advisor Summit

eMoney Launches Lead Capture, a an interactive, online workflow designed specifically for financial advisors to attract, engage and qualify leads through their online marketing efforts.

eMoney announced its final keynote speaker, Guy Kawasaki, author and chief evangelist of Canva. Kawasaki will discuss “The Art of Enchantment,” focusing on how speech influences people’s hearts, minds and actions. He will further detail in his session how to achieve likability and trustworthiness and how to overcome resistance, a topic that all advisors can relate to when interacting with clients.

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