You’re Going to Want to See This


We tried to keep it fairly hush-hush, but some of our more enthusiastic users shared their excitement about some rumors on social media. We’re extremely flattered, and while we’re not ready to make a full announcement we wanted to clue you all in on what you can expect in the coming months: there are big […]

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The Hottest Retirement Topic that is not a Statutory Requirement


Do you know what one of the hottest retirement topics is today? If you answered “retirement readiness” you’re correct. Do you also know that retirement readiness is not a statutory or regulatory requirement? If it were, every plan sponsor would be forced to establish a defined benefit plan with a suitable replacement ratio for each […]

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Effective Client Communication Starts Here: Sweat the Small Stuff and See Results


It’s well known that in any relationship, communication is key—especially in the relationships you have with your clients. Effective communication is the glue that keeps these relationships together. Even if you have a wealth of experience in financial planning or are Buffet-esque in your knowledge of different investments, it’s irrelevant to your current clients—or prospective […]

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