eMoney Advisor Named Top Financial Planning Domain in LPL’s Vendor Affinity Program

This past year, eMoney Advisor was selected for inclusion in LPL’s Vendor Affinity Program, an initiative designed to help advisors reduce the complexity and costs associated with running their businesses. The program offers products and services from a centralized repository of vendors, such as eMoney, to LPL advisors at discounted prices.

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5 Ways You Can Market to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials

There is an opportunity for advisors–through education and a planning-led approach that emphasizes long-term goals–to convert hesitant millennials into valuable long-term clients. Take it from me—a stubborn millennial—advisors can and should break through to this market. So use the tips below and give it a try, I think you’ll see that the results will be worth it over time.

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Why This Year’s Breakout Sessions Set the eMoney Advisor Summit Apart

This year’s summit is jam-packed with presentations and sessions geared toward maximizing technology, improving your client experience, and ultimately growing your business. There are brand new agenda items like the Hack-a-Thon where advisors can compete for the chance to put their fingerprint on the eMoney app, and also conference staples like our keynote addresses from Barron’s Hall of Fame advisor Ron Carson as well as renowned Ted Talk Speaker Simon Sinek.

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