emX Walkthroughs: Financial Advisor Exit Strategy

Our emX Walkthroughs Series helps you get the most out of your technology by presenting step-by-step guides for different sections of emX, hosted by our Founder, Edmond Walters.

A good advisor spends a lot of time thinking about the financial welfare of their clients. But sometimes advisors need to take a step back and focus on their own financial picture. In this week’s video Edmond runs through emX’s built-in advisor case study, which lets you easily create a plan that keeps your own financial needs in mind. Not only will it lead you on the right path on your personal financial journey, but it will also make you even more comfortable using the platform with your clients.

Jack Evans

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Jack Evans is an Internal Training Specialist at eMoney Advisor. A graduate of West Chester University, Jack has never had a piña colada and prefers to avoid getting caught in the rain. That's what umbrellas are for.