New Advisor Branded Media Video Available

If you’re an Advisor Branded Media subscriber, be sure to check out the latest celebrity-narrated video in our Media Hub, “Consequences.” This video shows your clients how they can improve their odds of making good financial choices with the latest technology that supports your expertise.

See below for a preview:

Here are some ideas for using the latest celebrity narrated video:

  • Send your prospective clients an email with a link to your branded video, leveraging it as an opportunity to discuss the financial decisions they currently face.
  • Add the video to the home page of your website.
  • Share the video to your social media channels to keep your services at the top of your clients and prospects minds.
  • Convince your friends you’ve become best friends with the biggest celebs in Hollywood… (Just kidding about that one. Unless you have really gullible friends of course.)

With a library of compliance-approved videos available right from your Advisor Homepage, our celebrity narrated videos make it easy to talk with your clients and prospects about how you can help them make sound financial decisions.

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