Webinar Replay: A to Z Workflow with eMoney and BlackRock iRetire

BlackRock’s iRetire® offers you an interactive way to help your clients answer the question, “Will I have enough for the retirement I want?”

The iRetire plan can help you determine your client’s needs with an easy to understand retirement gap analysis. This tool shows the relationship between your client’s savings and the number that really matters: the income they could have each year in retirement. It helps empower decisions by illustrating the tradeoffs between risk, retirement date, income needs, and spending.

By using iRetire with eMoney, you can prospect for new clients, engage them with a meaningful conversation, and bring them to eMoney for a wholistic financial plan.

Watch the webinar below to hear from Paul Newmann, VP of Digital Wealth at BlackRock, and Jude Grimaldi, Strategic Partnerships Analyst at eMoney, and learn how you can use iRetire and eMoney in your client conversations—from prospecting to planning.

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Alyssa Lewis is an Event Strategist at eMoney Advisor.