You’re Going to Want to See This

We tried to keep it fairly hush-hush, but some of our more enthusiastic users shared their excitement about some rumors on social media. We’re extremely flattered, and while we’re not ready to make a full announcement we wanted to clue you all in on what you can expect in the coming months: there are big…

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Client Stories – Bob Barry and Marketing Success

Bob Barry

Bob Barry is “far from a marketing wiz,” or so he said during an interview with eMoney Advisor. But Barry, CEO and founder of Barry Capital Management in Washington, New Jersey, seems to know a thing or two when it comes to building his brand and as a result, his successful business. “Many advisors who…

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A Digital Marketing Success Story

Tom Goodson of AmeriFlex Financial Services recently sat down for a Q&A session to talk about his successful marketing subscription from eMoney Advisor Marketing. What makes your marketing efforts stand out? We have segmented our marketing strategy by target markets: individuals who are at or near retirement, professional women, business owners, and medical professionals. We have created unique…

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