Health care costs in retirement are a primary financial concern for investors

When helping clients prepare for retirement, are you discussing potential healthcare costs with them? Historically, retirement planning has been less concerned with this figure and more concerned with market performance and inflation as assumptions in a plan. While recent research by Fidelity has shown that Americans are becoming increasingly concerned with potential healthcare costs, they…

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How Ron Carson Built a Multi-Billion Dollar Advisory Business

ron carson event 2018

How many people do you know who can say they built an eight-billion dollar advisory business. Ron Carson has, and he wants to tell you exactly how he did it. In his new event, Ron and his executive business leaders will teach you how to brand your plan, elevate your client success, value your business, and much more.

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Data Aggregation in the New Year

If you follow the eMoney blog, you’ve probably heard about our API transition, a long-term strategy that will provide more stable and secure data aggregation for you and your clients. As the industry transition from screen scraping to API-based aggregation, consumers will gain more control than ever over who can access their sensitive financial data. Your clients will also enjoy…

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