9 Things You Don’t Know About eMoney: Technology

9 Things You Don't Know About eMoney

Gutenberg invented the printing press. Bell patented the telephone. Jobs introduced the iPhone. Today, the average person can read a newspaper, make a phone call, and text a friend instantly because of these inventions. Every technological innovation is the result of a search for efficiency, accuracy, and necessity. As an advisor, your clients use numerous…

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Three Steps to Foster a Data-driven Culture at Your Firm

Today, firms that want to achieve a competitive edge must foster a culture built on analytics. Research from Erik Brynjolfsson et al. at the MIT Sloan School of Management found that data-driven organizations have five to six percent higher output and productivity than their less data-driven counterparts. Creating an analytics-based culture can be a big undertaking. But…

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Combining Tech and Personal Experience to Educate Children in Financial Literacy

While it’s nice to set aside time to ramp up financial literacy efforts, this is an ongoing issue in our country which spans the gamut of ages from adults nearing or in retirement all the way down to our children. Beyond focusing on a month of events and articles, here are some thoughts on what we can do to improve financial literacy all year-round.

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