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Data aggregation is an essential part of eMoney’s planning experience. By connecting their accounts your clients gain a holistic view of their finances, while also providing, while also providing you the information needed a create a comprehensive financial plan.

Keep reading below for resources designed to help you introduce data aggregation to your clients:

What Is Data Aggregation and Why Is It Important?

Data aggregation is the process of gathering digital information–like your checking account, 401(k), and investment account balances–from a variety of separate sources to combine the data into a unified set. It is the engine that simplifies and clarifies multiple sources of data into one complete picture.

Your Personal Financial Website uses Connections to aggregate your financial account information, allowing your advisor the ability to build a financial plan with all your information in mind.

Your Guide to Data Aggregation

Data Aggregation 101

Consumer Data Aggregation Considerations

Data Aggregation and Holistic Financial Planning

Financial planning is rarely one size fits all. You are unique, with a variety of personal and financial goals. A strong financial plan should begin with a complete understanding of your overall financial picture. Holistic financial planning focuses on your overall goals and values rather than looking at your finances in a silo.

By collecting your financial data such as 401(k), checking, savings and investment account balances in real-time, your advisor can create a holistic financial plan with a complete understanding of your individual circumstances.

Connecting Your Accounts

Connecting your accounts to your Personal Financial Website is the best way to keep your financial plan up to date.

Connecting Accounts

Troubleshooting Connected Accounts

The API Transition

As digital threats continue to grow, data aggregation must evolve along with it. So, we’re leading the charge to transition from traditional aggregation methods to more reliable and secure APIs.

Data Aggregation 101

Your Guide to Data Aggregation

Why API Connections Take Time to Establish