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12+ Hours of Continuing Education Sessions

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Webinar: Recognize and Capitalize on Your Firm’s Crucial Growth Opportunities on Thursday, September 30 from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET

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Whether you’re looking to start deeper client discussions, integrate behavioral finance into your planning, or simply complete the CFP® Board’s new Code of Ethics course—the 2021 Summit has sessions for you.

Join us from October 25-27 and discover new ways to plan with purpose with impactful sessions full of actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately.

Not sure if our CE sessions apply to your designation?


Accommodating Complex Needs Through Cash Flow Planning (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Understand the fundamentals of Decision Center and our Cash Flow reports and how to effectively model scenarios, what-ifs, and estate planning techniques to best collaborate with your clients.

Catching up on eMoney Updates (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Get caught up on the features and enhancements made to the eMoney platform over the last twelve months and learn how to leverage them to increase efficiency and effectiveness within your practice. *Pending CFP Board approval.

CFP Board Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct (2 CFP® CE Credit)*

In need of CFP Board-approved Ethics CE credit? This program has been designed to educate CFP® professionals on the CFP Board’s new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, effective October 1, 2019.

Engaging Clients Through the Client Portal (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Generate interest and engagement by leveraging the benefits and features of the Client Site that will inspire ideas and collaboration opportunities with your clients. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Facilitating Deeper Client Discussions with New Monte Carlo Enhancements (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Initiate more intuitive and deeper discussions with clients with Longevity Risk Analysis and Confidence Age and understand how to use these features to enable new conversations and reduce client anxiety and confusion. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Inputting Data and Building Scenarios for Taxes in eMoney (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

See how to effectively collect tax data and leverage it to develop a variety of scenarios and reports to help model outcomes for your clients. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Integrating Systems to Streamline Data Collection and Workflows (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Learn about solutions like Connections, APIs, and integrations designed to help you save time, increase accuracy, and deliver better advisor and client experiences. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Modeling Past and Planned Gifts (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Review eMoney charitable giving features including how to add past and planned gifts, demonstrate techniques for trusts, and view reports for applicable tax calculations and deductions. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Planning for Clients’ Life Stage Phase 1: Wealth Accumulation (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Support planning conversations for clients in the wealth accumulation/getting started phase with eMoney. Learn best practices for engaging clients through onboarding and the client site, and leveraging Foundation Planning to support discussions with those getting started in their wealth journey and building their financial foundation. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Planning for Clients’ Life Stage Phase 2: Wealth Maximization (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Utilize the Decision Center to support discussions for those focused on wealth maximization. See how to use eMoney when working with those planning for retirement and looking to maximize their retirement savings and allocation strategies by effectively assessing retirement projections, income projections, and juggling other goals. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Planning for Clients’ Life Stage Phase 3: Wealth Preservation and Income Distribution (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Understand how to maximize the use of Advanced Planning and the Decision Center to serve clients focused on wealth preservation and income distribution. Learn best practices for facilitating interactive discussions related to income distribution and minimizing retirement longevity risks such as taxes and insurance needs. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Planning for Clients’ Life Stage Phase 4: Wealth Transfer and Distribution (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

See how to leverage Advanced Planning and the Decision Center to serve clients in the wealth transfer and distribution stage. Learn how to use eMoney to help clients maximize their wealth distribution and legacy through gifting and trust strategies. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Planning for Education Goals (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Learn how to build an education plan using Goal Planner and Decision Center and leverage reports to help answer the question, “What is the best way to pay for college?” *Pending CFP Board approval.

Serving the Underserved Through Pro Bono Financial Planning (1 CFP® CE Credit)*

Understand the basics of how to provide pro bono service to underserved members of the community.

Solving Problems with Reports in eMoney (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Learn about the variety of advanced planning reports available within eMoney and how to use them to discover opportunities and diagnose potential issues. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Working Efficiently to Cover the Basics (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Make the most of your time by using tools like tasks and alerts and customizing settings to help keep you and your team on track. *Pending CFP Board approval.


Four Money Bears (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Mac Gardner, CFP®, discusses the importance of financial literacy. *Pending CFP Board approval.

Integrating Behavioral Finance in Planning (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)*

Explore the implications of integrating behavioral finance into your client discussions, and how understanding your clients’ perspective will help you best facilitate challenging money conversations. *Pending CFP Board approval.

With even more being released to the Summit site soon!

*Final sessions and topics are subject to change based on CFP Board Approval.

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