News Round-Up: July 11, 2015

Welcome to our News Round-Up!  Here, we’ll share with you interesting news in interesting ways, giving you a snapshot of a few of this past week’s headlines and events to get you caught up on what’s going on both here and abroad.

July 11, 2015

Quote of the Week:

  • “We’re experiencing a technical issue that we’re working to resolve as quickly as possible. We’re doing our utmost to produce a swift resolution & will be providing further updates as soon as we can.” – A Tweet from the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday, addressing the highly publicized suspension of trading that was caused by “technical difficulties.” Check out our “On the Economy” section below for more.

On Your Business:

  • You might be reading the wealthy all wrong. At least that’s what behavioral financial planner Bradley T. Klontz says in his recently-released study of 1,096 people who work with financial advisors. Klontz is hoping to do away with some commonly-held misconceptions to help advisors provide their clients with better service. It’s definitely worth checking out!

On the Industry:

  • Here’s something to keep in mind for future plans: Federal marriage benefits will soon be available to same-sex couples, according to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “Following the Supreme Court’s historic decision in Obergefell that every couple has the same right to participate in the institution of marriage, whether the partners are of the same-sex or opposite sexes, I directed Justice Department staff to work with the agencies to ensure that the ruling be given full effect across the federal government,” Lynch said.

On the Economy:

  • Wall Street, we have a problem. As we mentioned in our “Quote of the Week” section above, the New York Stock Exchange ground to a surprising halt this past Wednesday due to what they referred to as “technical issues.”  They’re keeping mum on what the issues were specifically, for now.  But until more is revealed, check out this editorial from NPR for more on the overall situation.  Plus, check out this brief history of Wall Street’s technical difficulties.

On the World:

  • Well, well, well. It seems as though Greece’s rallying cries of “NO!” may have backfired. The Mediterranean nation is reeling after news that the EU is willing to boot them from using the Euro, leading Greece’s far-left government to re-consider the economic package they declined just days ago. has the full scoop.