News Round-Up: July 18, 2015

Welcome to our News Round-Up!  Here, we’ll share with you interesting news in interesting ways, giving you a snapshot of a few of this past week’s headlines and events to get you caught up on what’s going on both here and abroad.

July 18, 2015

Quote of the Week:

  • The alternative to this agreement would not be a ‘time-out’ from the euro … but rather predictable chaos.” German President Angela Merkel, addressing concerns she has with Greece potentially turning down yet another deal from the EU that is attempting to help right their already treacherous economic situation.

On Your Business:

  • Take advantage of these new opportunities. Now that gay marriage is legal throughout the United States, there will be some more opportunities for advisors to show their worth to clients–along with some new challenges. Check out Peter Waterloo’s article over on to see how he recommends navigating this uncharted territory for many advisors.

On the Industry:

  • Are you ready? It’s getting closer every day: The great wealth transfer, when Baby Boomers start passing their assets down to the next generation. It’s a common fear among advisors that many of their clients’ children will go to different firms with their money. But this article from shows that you can prepare for this great wealth migration by following one simple step: Better connecting with your clients’ children now.

On the Economy:

On the World:

  • A bleak future is in the cards for Greece. It looks like Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party is gaining support as the country’s far-left government continues to strike a positive deal for the Mediterranean nation. This is a situation definitely worth keeping an eye on.