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A More Efficient Goals Experience on the Client Portal

As we continue to enhance the Client Portal with interactive experiences, we are redesigning the Goals Page to provide you and your clients with a more personalized and streamlined experience. ​

What’s Changing on the Goals Page…

Coming this summer, this enhancement is designed to provide a consistent experience between the Advisor Site and Client Portal by using the same charts from our planning tools. Also, the new Goals page allows clients to simply and efficiently view all their goal details on a single page.

In addition, we’ll be introducing conversational goal details for a more engaging experience with clients. This update will also lay the groundwork for future enhancements, including client scenario exploration coming later this year.

Stay tuned for more on Client Portal Goals Page when it releases in the coming months.


State Income Tax Updates 

Our State Income Tax rules have been updated with the latest information to provide more accurate projections. This includes updates such as changes to state income tax brackets, exemption values, deduction values, and more.

State Income Tax Mode in eMoney under Assumptions > Tax > State and Local Taxes includes three settings and this update applies to the By State Rules setting.

  • No Taxes: No state income tax is assessed.
  • By State Rules: Basic state income tax rules, including state-specific tax brackets, are used to calculate tax.
  • Flat Tax: State income tax is calculated as Federal AGI multiplied by the user specified flat state tax rate.

Decision Center -Asset Spread Chart

We’ve expanded our Monte Carlo capabilities by bringing the Asset Spread chart to the Decision Center.

This enhancement continues to streamline your planning experience by providing you with additional interactivity right within the Decision Center.

With this enhancement you can easily make changes to Techniques and demonstrate how they impact a range of potential portfolio assets over time, from below average market conditions (20th percentile) through above average market conditions (80th percentile).

The existing Monte Carlo page can still be accessed by selecting “Monte Carlo Summary” from the secondary “Viewing” menu.

Stay tuned for more updates coming next month!