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Advisors Can Now Edit Inaccurate Net Worth Historical Data

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In response to user feedback, we’ve streamlined the process of correcting inaccuracies in a client’s net worth history. The previous process to update required assistance from eMoney Client Support, but now our new Net Worth History page gives advisors the necessary access to correct a client’s historical net worth data themselves to ensure the accuracy of their data.

Why do they need the ability to edit Net Worth History?

There are a few reasons that historical net worth numbers can be incorrect, including:

  • An account connection is broken at month end and the net worth history value is stored with the out-of-date connection data.
  • Fact finding for a new client extends past the month end and the initial net worth is saved before all accounts can be added.
  • A new fact was uncovered during the client relationship, rendering historical net worth values inaccurate.
  • Advisor manually adds a duplicate account in order to correct a broken connection.

How can an advisor correct a client’s Net Worth History?

Select the More drop-down menu to access the new Net Worth History page.

Then, select the client that you’d like to update.

They’ll be taken to the Edit Net Worth History page where they can view all the monthly historical data.

Simply select a given month and a modal will appear that allows them to manually correct the portfolio assets, total assets, and liabilities.

Note: This page is only accessible to users with Producer licenses for eMoney. Support users do not have the ability to update Net Worth History.

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