Did You Know? Series 51

1. Analytics


Proactively identify opportunities with the new Analytics Dashboard.  It provides real-time updates on detailed client information such as Assets by Account Type, Assets Held Away, and Client Demographics, giving you the ability to recognize and leverage opportunities that help grow your book of business. While other information, like Assets Under Management or Top Clients by Investable Assets, helps you recognize gaps in current clients’ portfolios, improving the client experience. For all the powerful new opportunities available in our new analytics dashboard, check out our blog.


2. Integrations


All your financial applications working together – for you, thanks to the integrations now available in emX as part of emX Select. These deep data integrations give you the ability to seamlessly share and access information across many of your favorite financial applications. Now, you can easily view the reports and client information you need, without ever having to leave emX. Learn more about how our integrations add convenience and efficiency to your business by visiting our integrations page.