Did You Know? Series 52

1. Social Security Analyzer


Using the new Social Security Analyzer in emX you can easily visualize and compare different benefit strategies for clients, helping them determine which is best.  And since Social Security is such an important, but oftentimes complicated aspect of every clients’ retirement, you can use the Analyzer’s interactive and easy-to-understand charts to provide clear and accurate advice. Check out our training video for even more tips on how to present social security to clients.


2. Media Hub Help


Our Media Hub doesn’t just include the videos you need to promote your business, it also has a collection of Help videos that teach you how best to utilize your Advisor Branded Media subscription. Learn how to personalize content with your logo, add video links into your email signature and your website, share videos across your social channels, and more. Take a look at all our Help video previews to learn more about how they can strengthen your brand and leverage the power of your Advisor Branded Media subscription.