eMoney’s Advisor Assurance is Now Available

Now available to firm-wide users of eMoney is Advisor Assurance, our latest product that provides firm-level decision makers with the oversight needed to support their comprehensive compliance efforts. It features firm-level event logs accessible on-demand and an intuitive presentation review. Click here to learn more.

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Like most advisory businesses, your firm most likely has many moving parts that all have many different demands, and sometimes even many different technologies. Clients might demand a certain service, but regulations require something different. Advisors might use one software for a particular reason, while compliance officers use another for a completely different reason.

The result? All too often, firms silo their separate technologies, leading to a “Compliance Gap,” a large separation between your firm’s financial planning work and compliance efforts. And this leaves you vulnerable to regulation and potential lawsuits.

To help bridge that gap, we’ve created Advisor Assurance. Dedicated to supporting the unique needs of firms seeking scalable and affordable technology solutions, Advisor Assurance provides in-depth details on the activities of your firm and its representatives.

It works by recording key events and interactions that occur on both the client and advisor sides of the eMoney system. In fact, it archives 7 years of data online, that’s accessible at any time.

That way, whenever a client or advisor performs an action in their web portal, such as changing the value of an investment or updating inflation rate in a financial plan or simply logging in, Advisor Assurance automatically makes a detailed record of that action for your firm.

These firm-level event logs include:

  • Advisor and client website activity
  • Uploads to the vault including presentations and reports
  • Deleted records
  • Manual account changes
  • And more

Alongside online access to your firm’s Event Logs, built into Advisor Assurance is the ability to both schedule regular data extracts and export custom data sets on-demand.

To export, simply head to the Advisor Assurance dashboard, filter the data down to what you need, and export it to be used in your broader compliance efforts.

Advisor Assurance also includes an intuitive presentation review. With it, managers are able to approve or deny advisor presentations prior to their being used with clients.

Once a presentation has been reviewed, the advisor is notified. If approved, the DRAFT watermark is removed from the presentation; if denied, the advisor receives comments on next steps.

For more information on Advisor Assurance, click here.

Jacob Leise

Written By

Jacob is a Product Marketing Manager at eMoney Advisor.