Advisor Branded Media Video Now Available: Personal Portfolio

Your clients have worked hard to ensure their families will be financially secure after they’re gone. But no matter how well they’ve planned to ensure their life’s assets will be protected, after the money is distributed to their loved ones, it’s out of their control.

Show your clients how preparing their spouse for the burden of managing the family’s estate can create a legacy of financial independence that could last for generations.

Use the latest Client Education video, Personal Portfolio, to help your clients understand how the best security to invest in, is their loved ones’ financial education.

See below for a preview:

Here are some ideas for using the latest Celebrity Narrated video:

  • Include the video in an email to your clients who have expressed an interest in estate planning.
  • Download the Personal Portfolio video to play during a live presentation.
  • Share the video through your social media channels with a post about the importance of client education.

Ready to start using your video now?

With a library of compliance-approved videos available right from your Advisor Homepage, our celebrity narrated videos make it easy to talk with your clients and prospects about how you can help them make sound financial decisions.

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