Weekly Articles to Reassure Your Clients

Last week, eMoney partnered with FMeX to provide advisors with access to Advisor Branded Marketing, a suite of marketing and communication tools, to assist with providing guidance and instilling confidence during these uncertain times.

This support includes a new COVID-19 Weekly Content Series that provides multiple touchpoints throughout the week that advisors can use to stay connected with their clients.

Made up of three new weekly articles that will help you explain current market events, provide historical context, and instill client confidence in their financial plans.

What does the new weekly content series include and how can I distribute it to my clients?

Published every Sunday, use this article to show your clients a summary of the previous week’s market activity and share insights on the potential impact of current events on their financial plans.

Set up an email to distribute this on a weekly cadence to offer clients your perspective in a scalable way and keep them informed of how changes in the market may impact them.

Ready to get started?

  • Navigate to the Industry Insights section and select the most recent Market Matters Recap article.
  • Review the article in full and take note of three key takeaways that will be most relevant for end-clients
  • Navigate to Emails then Weekly Business Update
  • Add the article by choosing Select Content to Add
    • In the pop-up modal, filter for Industry Insightsthen select the most recent Market Matters Recap
  • Customize the body copy of the draft email message by highlighting the three most important items that were noted to be most relevant to your end-clients
  • Remove the line regarding adding the article once it’s attached
  • Add a subject line, the contacts that should receive the article, then click Send

Published every Tuesday, this article helps your clients understand current market events from a historical perspective. These articles provide reassuring and optimistic viewpoints rooted in historical precedent.

These articles can be especially helpful with risk-averse clients looking for reassurance in the current market.

Ready to get started?

  • Navigate to the Industry Insights section and select the most recent American Resilience article
  • Review the article in full and take note of why this article is helpful to end-clients given the current climate
  • Select Share then EmailThe article will automatically be attached to the email.
  • Next, draft the email body copy. We recommend applying your own take on how the article is relevant for your clients.
  • Add a subject line, the contacts who will receive the article, then click Send

This is also a great content series to feature within your blog, if you have one.

Published every Thursday, use this article to keep clients informed within the days between the full Weekly Market Matters commentary. This article addresses macro events so we recommend sharing through social to keep clients engaged.

Ready to get started?

  • Navigate to the Industry Insights section and select the most recent Mid-week Market Matters article.
  • Review the article in full, select Share then the social channel of choice.
  • Draft a short 2-3 sentence observation about the article then post your message.

Note: Once these articles are no longer featured they will remain accessible under Industry Insights in your Content Library

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