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Financial Planning Month is Just Around the Corner

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Webinar: 2020 Trends & Strategies for Smarter Giving (1 CFP® CE Credit) Dec 3, 2020 2:00 PM ET

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Whether it’s clients looking for help to navigate the fallout of COVID-19’s mercurial markets or for confidence in their financial future as they begin to raise children or plan their retirements—many financial professionals are realizing the power of being planning-centric.

That’s why the eMoney Summit, October 19-21, is packed full of planning-focused breakout sessions and panels that provide actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately. Take your planning proficiency to the next level this October!

Check out some of our planning-focused breakout sessions below!

How to Solve Advanced Planning Challenges with eMoney (.5 Credits)

Clients with advanced planning needs can create unique challenges for advisors. Join this session as we model some of the challenges we’ve helped guide advisors through over the past several years and show you how to best solve for them.* Learn More

Complex Retirement Planning (.5 Credit)

Learn how to efficiently build complex retirement plans in eMoney, and how to present them to your clients in a way that’s interactive and easy to understand.* Learn More

Increase Your Client’s Probability of Success Through Monte Carlo (.5 Credits)

Don’t guess with your client’s future. This session will help you understand the inputs, outputs, and assumptions of the eMoney Monte Carlo simulation so you can model with confidence.* Learn More

Full Spectrum Financial Planning in eMoney (.5 Credits)

Join us as we explore the full suite of eMoney planning offerings to take a client through a holistic financial plan.* Learn More

Income Taxes in eMoney (.5 Credits)

Tax laws are constantly updating, which means eMoney is too. We’ll walk you through how to ensure that your clients’ tax projections are accurate and up to date.* Learn More

See more session options on the eMoney Summit site

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