Easy Onboarding Coming Soon to eMoney


How much time do you, your clients, and your staff spend pouring over extensive fact-finding documents in order to complete your client’s profile? We bet the answer is too much. That’s why, on November 10th, a new digital Onboarding experience is coming to eMoney’s enhanced client portal. Automated Onboarding will help your clients populate their…

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An In-Depth Look at eMoney’s Fiduciary Framework (Webinar Replay)


Watch a replay of our live webinar on eMoney’s Fiduciary Framework, our comprehensive DoL compliance strategy. A mix between existing functionality, product enhancements, and new tools, Fiduciary Framework is eMoney’s initiative to bridge the long-standing gap between financial planning tools and compliance software, creating the industry’s first and only fiduciary focused planning platform in the process.

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eMoney’s Client Site Spending Area


The eMoney Client Site spending area presents an interesting dilemma for advisors. On one hand, it’s one of our software’s most popular features; it presents client spending information from their connected accounts in one easily categorized list and allows clients to create a budget that will help them better manage their finances. On the other hand, advisors might not be as familiar with this client tool as they are with advisor-facing features they use every day.

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