Mid-Year Check-in: eMoney User Feedback Fuels Areas for Improvement in 2020 and Beyond

“We listen to our customers” is a phrase we’re used to hearing all too often. But, how often is real change witnessed as a result of user feedback, ideas, and personal experience? We look to our valued clients to share their positive experiences along with areas of opportunity to improve and to help guide our…

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Midtown Financial Reduces Data Entry Costs by up to 97% with eMoney Data Entry Service

Data Entry Service Case Study

Since 1995, financial planning has been at the heart of Midtown Financial Group‘s offering because it helps their clients to see where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there. Between prospecting, writing financial plans, managing portfolios, and marketing, there was little time or energy left for routine, yet important, administrative…

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Webinar Replay: Applying the Financial Planning Process Throughout the Client Lifecycle

The seven-step financial planning process provides a complete workflow for establishing productive, long-term relationships. This structure creates a truly engaging environment where advisors and clients can effectively collaborate on their plans. Watch the webinar below to hear from Brandon Heid, CFP® and Brett Tharp, CFP® from eMoney’s Financial Planning Group, as they discuss how to…

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Why Education Is Essential for Supporting Diversity in Financial Planning

Education Supports Financial Planning Diversity Blog

The financial planning industry today faces a serious lack of diversity. While people of color will collectively become the majority of the U.S. population by 20451, according to U.S. census projections, they remain woefully underrepresented in financial advice. Only 3.7 percent of CFP® professionals are Black or Latino.1 Women are also underrepresented, with only 23 percent…

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How to Model a Reinvestment Technique

A reinvestment technique in eMoney will reinvest an individual account or all accounts from its current asset allocation to a new model portfolio. Today, we’ll look at how to model a reinvestment technique in Advanced Planning and present the results to clients. First, you’ll navigate to the Plans section of your client’s overview page. Click Add under scenarios and then click…

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Personalizing Client Communications Can Build Deeper Planning Relationships

Personalizing Client Communications Blog

Let’s face it, when it comes to financial advice your clients have plenty of options. Perhaps more than office location, performance track record, or investment product selection, your personal relationship is what will set you apart from the competition. And we know that face-to-face interaction is no longer the only way for advisors and clients…

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