Upcoming Webinar: Learn How Adviser Investments Drove 1,000% Growth in Financial Planning

Learn how you can drive growth by delivering interactive, personalized planning experiences that satisfy clients and streamline workflows. Join Jake Lynch, Chief Business Officer at Adviser Investments, and Jim Finegan, Manager of Advisor Sales at eMoney Advisor, for a live webinar on Wednesday, July 24 at 2:00 p.m. ET. During the webinar, they’ll discuss how after adopting eMoney, Adviser Investments…

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9 Things You Don’t Know About eMoney: Technology

9 Things You Don't Know About eMoney

Gutenberg invented the printing press. Bell patented the telephone. Jobs introduced the iPhone. Today, the average person can read a newspaper, make a phone call, and text a friend instantly because of these inventions. Every technological innovation is the result of a search for efficiency, accuracy, and necessity. As an advisor, your clients use numerous…

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Webinar Replay: eMoney + PreciseFP

Improve the workflow across the financial planning lifecycle with eMoney and PreciseFP. With the eMoney and PreciseFP integration, you can create efficiencies that allow you more time focus on your clients’ individual needs and goals. By streamlining the transfer of client details, assets, liabilities, and insurance policies from PreciseFP to eMoney, the integration allows you to focus…

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Webinar Replay: Building and Scaling a Planning-led Business for Incremental Growth

Learn how you can drive growth by delivering an integrated, digitally-enabled, and scalable experience across the advisor/client lifecycle. Watch the webinar below to hear from Trish Haskins, Fidelity’s VP of Digital Strategy and Platform Consulting, and Steve Levis, CFP®, eMoney’s Senior VP of Financial Planning, as they discuss how FlexGen firms leverage technology to effectively…

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Midtown Financial Reduces Data Entry Costs by up to 97% with eMoney Data Entry Service

Data Entry Service Case Study

Since 1995, financial planning has been at the heart of Midtown Financial Group‘s offering because it helps their clients to see where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there. Between prospecting, writing financial plans, managing portfolios, and marketing, there was little time or energy left for routine, yet important, administrative…

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Webinar Replay: A to Z Workflow with eMoney and BlackRock iRetire

BlackRock’s iRetire® offers you an interactive way to help your clients answer the question, “Will I have enough for the retirement I want?” The iRetire plan can help you determine your client’s needs with an easy to understand retirement gap analysis. This tool shows the relationship between your client’s savings and the number that really…

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