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How Advisors Can Create a Comprehensive Business Update During COVID-19

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We recently shared 7 Tips for Keeping Clients Engaged and Informed During Times of Crisis with standard configuration users in mid-April. This post outlines the first step advisors can take to kick-start their client communications strategy during COVID-19: informing clients broadly.

While getting on the phone with clients is recommended for a personal one-to-one outreach, distributing a broad email is a more comprehensive place to begin a communications strategy.

What advisors should highlight in their broad client email:

An effective comprehensive business update to clients should address at least two topics: the advisors’ business continuity plan and how clients should expect to interact with their advisor during a time of social distancing.

Business Continuity Plan

First, the broad outreach should lead with the advisors’ business continuity plan, including how they plan to support clients during this time. Examples might include:

  • Transitioning to virtual meetings instead of in-person.
  • Core functions of the Client Portal such as the Vault and Interactive Decision Center.
  • Information about Screen Sharing or other video sharing technology being used to convey information.

How Clients Can Expect to Interact with Their Advisor

Advisors also want to note how clients can expect to interact with them throughout this time. This requires some foresight around how they plan to stay in contact with their clients.


  • Advisors should plan to email their clients about once a week over the next few weeks.
  • Determine their outreach frequency and let clients know in their first communication how they plan to be in touch during these volatile times.
  • Bonus: One-minute video of advisor discussing updates each week.

For more insight into best practices for planning during times of disruption, advisors can check out our recently recorded webinar series.

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