Introducing Client Onboarding & Custom Financial Priorities

Your first meeting with your clients should focus on understanding who they are and what’s most important to them—not for gathering basic facts.

Our new automated Client Onboarding streamlines the process of gathering your clients’ data and jump-starts the fact-finding process. That way, your clients can populate their personal financial management websites their way, on their time—and you can focus on what matters most in your first meeting.

And with custom Financial Priorities, you can ensure their experience is tailored to what’s important to them.
Click the link below to watch a recording of the Onboarding release webinar.

Watch the Recording


The new Getting Started PDF shows your clients how Onboarding simplifies their process. Preview here.

Ready to get started? Follow our steps below…
Get started by visiting your Onboarding Settings
Click Settings on your advisor navigation bar to activate Onboarding for all new clients, and create a custom Welcome Message to appear at the start of the Onboarding process. For a client who is already in the system, you can activate Onboarding through their client website settings by simply clicking the globe icon and selecting Manage before clicking into the new Onboarding Options menu.

Custom Onboarding Welcome

Create a custom Welcome Message for your clients.

Then, customize the Financial Priorities to what matters most to your clients.
With client Onboarding, your client conversations can focus on the soft questions that help you understand who your client is and what’s most important to them, rather than the basic facts, like bank accounts and investments.
You can create a truly customized onboarding experience by personalizing the financial priorities presented to your clients, like adding additional life insurance or opening a 529 for their children. And if there’s anything you missed, your clients have the ability to create their own unique Financial Priorities. Click here to learn more about the new custom Financial Priorities.


Customize your client’s Financial Priorities.

Initiate the Onboarding process by sending out a self-registration invitation.
Once your welcome message and financial priorities have been personalized, you’re ready to send your client an invitation to register for their financial website. The self-registration email will allow your client to launch their own client website – conveniently and securely.
Once they’ve completed the workflow, they’ll be prompted to continue to their new personal financial website, where they can make additional changes to their facts in the Client Organizer. Here, they can add accounts, save important documents, create a budget, and upload photos of the important people and things in their lives.


Initiate Onboarding by sending a Client Website Self-Registration invitation.

Finally, set up your Onboarding Alerts so you can follow up.
We’ve added a new client alert, so you’ll be notified when your client has completed the Onboarding process. This allows you to follow up in a timely manner to address any questions and concerns your clients might have with their client website. By addressing the small questions early, you can increase long-term client engagement and show your clients that you’re devoted to their success.


Use Client Alerts so you know when to follow up.

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