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As a financial advisor, you work with a wealth of client and investment data every day. And to truly differentiate your business, you need access to data driven insights and analytics in order to make better and more informed decisions.

With Advanced Analytics, your business can harness the power of your data to make decisions that improve your client experience and drive efficiency.

Beyond the insights available in Advanced Analytics today, we’re also committed to developing new charts based on your feedback and the evolving challenges of the industry so that we can continue to provide meaningful insights into your business.

That’s why we’re releasing two new charts: Life Insurance Policy by Anniversary and Liabilities Under Management by Institution.

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Life Insurance Policy by Anniversary

A lot can change in a year. With major life changes come the need reevaluate your clients’ life insurance coverage. With our newest Advanced Analytics chart, Life Insurance Policy by Anniversary, stay on top of renewal dates so you can prompt a meaningful conversation with your clients. Use the latest chart to talk with your clients about life changes they’ve experienced over the past year that may influence their coverage needs. Discuss policies held away, and advertise the benefits of purchasing insurance through your firm.

Using the new Life Insurance Policy by Anniversary chart, now available in Advanced Analytics at both the advisor and firm level, you can easily manage which clients have upcoming anniversaries and take proactive steps to delight your clients and win their business.

Liabilities Under Management by Institution

For many clients, debt – such as loans or mortgages – have a significant impact on their portfolio, and managing that debt is key their financial plan. With the new Liabilities Under Management by Institution chart, see a breakdown of your current business, helping ensure that your liability accounts are organized correctly to maximize the value you get out of Advanced Analytics.

Liabilities Under Management by Institution provides a summary view of all liability accounts under management, across clients, with the ability to drill all the way into a specific account fact from the Advisor Dashboard.

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