eMoney Tip of the Week: Client Two-Factor Authentication FAQ

With the release of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to the Client Site there have been a number of common questions posed to our Client Engagement team.  Below is a short FAQ that answers these common 2FA questions.

Q: What if my client doesn’t have a mobile phone that can receive text messages?

A: Clients can enter in a landline for both their primary and secondary recovery numbers. When prompted for the security code they can opt to receive a phone call verbally communicating the code.

Q: Does eMoney support international phone numbers?

A: Yes. Simply include the country code before entering the phone number for international phone numbers.

Q: Can my clients receive tokens via e-mail?

A: No, if a client’s eMoney username and password were compromised it is likely their e-mail address was as well. In this instance sending the code via e-mail would not serve to increase security.

Q: Do my clients have to enter in a token every time they log-in?

A: Only if they have elected High Security. If the clients choose Standard Security they will only have to enter a code if the system perceives a security threat. In practice, this means that if they are logging in from the same location daily they should only have to enter a code in the first time they log-in.

Q: Can my clients opt out of two-factor authentication?

A: No Two-Factor Authentication is mandatory on the Client Site.

Q: What if my clients don’t have their phone with them and want to log on to the portal?

A: Clients can request one-time access from their advisor. These requests are approved from the Manage Client Website menu on the Advisor Site.

Q: What if my client only has one phone?

A: Clients can skip adding a recovery phone number when setting up 2FA. Please note when they opt to skip this they will be reminded in 30 days to set up a recovery number.

Q: What if my client needs to change their phone number on file?

A: Clients can change their phone numbers on file in their Settings on the Client Site under the Security tab.