Best Practices: Creating a Simple Action Plan for Clients

How do you present plans to your clients to make sure they leave your meetings with key takeaways? While some clients appreciate a lengthy report showing them every nuance of their financial picture, many clients only require a high-level overview and next steps.

To provide your clients with a basic action plan, create a presentation that includes the Observation and Next Step Reports and share it with your clients using the Vault.

For instance, if you’re putting together a financial plan and notice your client’s spouse isn’t taking advantage of their employer match percentage in their 401k, mark that as an observation.

Then, create a Next Step to recommend that the spouse contact their employers’ HR department to make the necessary change to their 401k contribution.

This pushes a task notification to both the advisor and client sites, making it easier for both you and your client to stay on the same page.

And if your client prefers physical handouts, print the action items to give to the client at their next meeting.

By providing clients with action items, they feel more involved in achieving their financial goals, which increases their feelings of satisfaction and encourages them to engage with you in the future.

T.J. Hill

Written By

T.J. Hill is a Digital Marketing Manager at eMoney Advisor.