Preparing for Initial Client Meetings

With eMoney, you can offer clients an interactive Client Portal and a collaborative planning experience. But what steps do you need to take to get started?

Today, we’ll look at three ways you can incorporate eMoney before your first client meeting to position yourself and your client for success.

Connect Managed Accounts

Before getting started, you’ll need to add the new client. You can add clients through a CRM integration in the Applications tab or by merely clicking Add Client on your eMoney homepage. Once you create the client’s profile, it’s time to add data.

The first step is to connect advisor managed accounts. Under your Connections tab, you can search for and add an advisor connection for the financial institution. You’ll then link accounts through each institution that manages the assets. You can do this for the client, spouse and any trust they may have.

Next, edit the account names to ensure the account is recognizable to your clients since this is the name that will appear on the Client Portal and in reports.

Pro tip: We recommend naming accounts by who owns the account, what institution the account is held at, and what type of account it is. For example, John’s Fidelity 401K.

Once added, managed accounts will be viewable on the client’s profile.

Add Basic Facts

Next, you’ll want to input any basic facts you already know about the client. On a client’s Overview page, click into Basic Facts. You’ll want to fill in any known details about the client’s family information and financial priorities. Make sure to click Net Worth and edit the connected accounts to set account owner, growth rates, and more.

By preparing data before your initial client meeting, you’ll have a great conversation starting point and a presentable client profile.

Create a Welcome Packet

Finally, pull appropriate resources to help introduce the financial technology to your client, set expectations, and showcase the Client Portal value.

You can access resources in the Help section of your homepage under Client Facing or if you subscribe to Advisor Branded Marketing under the More tab in Advisor Branded Marketing > eMoney Materials.

We recommend creating a welcome packet with the following Client Facing materials:

  • Website Overview Slick
  • Security Slick
  • Adding Accounts
  • Vault Checklist
  • Mobile Slick

If you’re looking for additional material, we recommend from Advisor Branded Marketing:

  • Personal Financial Website FAQ
  • Get Started Checklist
  • Fact Finder
  • A Guide to Getting Started

Once you’re prepared, it’s time to meet with your clients. Next week, we’ll continue with tips for presenting in an initial client meeting and introducing the Client Portal.

Are you interested in learning more? Check out our Initial Client Meetings webinar.

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