How My Firm Leverages Tech to Promote Planning

The following is a guest post from Bill Simonet, principal advisor at Simonet Financial Group, which provides comprehensive plans to clients to help them reach their financial goals. Follow him on Twitter at @BillSimonet.

I’d like to share a quick story about how I was able to grow AUM across my client base.

Serving my clients’ best interests and doing it efficiently is how I’ve built my business. Delivering personalized financial plans has been critical to our success.

Maintaining strong client relationships, while transitioning to an advice-driven business model, required a robust technology solution. That’s why in 2014, after evaluating several technology platforms like MoneyGuidePro, Advizr, and Naviplan, my firm switched from MoneyGuidePro to eMoney.

With eMoney, I have access to some of the most robust planning functionality at my fingertips every day, which drives my firm’s main service offering.

And by using their interactive planning tools, I’m able to sit down with clients and project future scenarios that could impact their finances, while making adjustments in real-time.

Check out my guest appearance on eMoney’s webinar to learn how a planning-led model positively impacted my business.

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