eMoney Opens New Markets for Fast Growing Advisor (Case Study)

For 15 years, Heron Wealth operated as an individual “lifestyle” practice, allowing its owner, David Edwards, to pursue a comfortable family life in New York City. In 2011 however, David found himself reconsidering the direction of his business.

As he noted at the time, “The period of ‘trial and error’ is over. I need to rebuild this firm from the ground up using 100% ‘best practices’ in everything we do.” So David set his sights on growing his firm dramatically, with a goal of going from $65 million AUM to a lofty $1 billion.

This case study reveals how a one-man shop growing assets at a 5% annual rate transformed into a hyper-productive team growing AUM 30-40% annually. In it, you will find insights into how Heron Wealth:

  • Used eMoney to create a “Bionic Advisor”
  • Established a highly successful and efficient client acquisition process
  • Adopted a new pricing model to target younger clients and provide an on-ramp to their services

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Who is Heron Wealth?

Heron Financial Group is a Registered Investment Advisor firm serving individuals and families across the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Clients include owners of businesses, corporate executives, managing partners of law firms, financial institutions and consultancies, and rising professionals. Heron’s purpose is to clarify and simplify the means by which clients achieve their financial goals.

  • Advisory Model: SEC RIA
  • Executive Leadership: David Edwards, Founder & President
  • Headquarters: 205 East 42nd Street 20th Floor New York, NY 10017
  • Years in Business: 15 years as solo; 5 years as team
  • Number of Advisors: 4
  • Assets Under Management: $300 million