Korhorn Financial Group Creates a Fully Integrated Experience with eMoney (Case Study)

Korhorn Financial Group (KFG) provides comprehensive financial guidance to clients, offering everything from financial planning and investment management, to tax preparation and insurance services. The company aims to integrate all areas of a client’s financial life under a single roof, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Korhorn had used a few different wealth management systems in the past, including FinanceWear and MoneyGuidePro, but found themselves still relying on Excel spreadsheets to create financial plans for clients, which was inefficient and error-prone. They wanted to upgrade to a single solution that would allow the team to create better plans for clients, streamline workflows, drive efficiencies, and enhance the client experience. The group started using eMoney in 2009, and eventually dropped the other subscriptions.

In this case study you’ll learn how, as a result of implementing eMoney, Korhorn Financial Group was able to:

  • Aggregate client accounts in one place, reducing the burden on clients to find and track down account information, as well as the potential for human data-entry error
  • Use real-time information to create more in-depth financial plans and make informed recommendations to clients on the spot
  • Bring additional assets under the firm’s management and see a complete picture of a client’s financial life
  • Grow and scale the business without requiring additional support staff
  • Deliver a more collaborative and interactive client experience