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Brunch & Budget Drives Revenue by Serving NextGen Clients with eMoney

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What could be better than saving money while enjoying brunch?

That’s the very idea that sparked the creation of the fee-only RIA aptly named Brunch & Budget.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Brunch & Budget offers its clients a range of financial planning services and a sliding-scale approach to fees.

Founder Pamela Capalad realized success by serving NextGen clients. But she wanted to provide an even more collaborative experience as her business began to grow. She outlined her requirements for a wealth management platform that would take her business to the next level:

  • Deepen engagement by promoting collaboration and transparency
  • Combine automated capabilities and hands-on support
  • Accept financial data to support advanced planning

After evaluating several wealth management platforms, Capalad realized that eMoney provided the collaborative cash-flow planning that she needed to share financial data with her clients.

“Initially I thought eMoney was only for the wealthy and wouldn’t necessarily work for all my clients,” Capalad says. “But I found that eMoney is the only platform that can really handle the diverse needs— from complex estate planning issues to simple budgeting and cash flow—of the clients I work with. eMoney helps clients understand where their money is going.”

Since adopting eMoney into her business, Capalad has grown revenue each year. In 2017 alone, the team increased revenue by 120 percent.

Read the full Brunch & Budget story to learn how the firm:

  • Offers two services using eMoney to satisfy a diverse set of clients with a variety of needs
  • Provides financial planning to some of the industry’s most underserved clients
  • Incorporates both face-to-face (like brunch!) and virtual meetings into the collaborative planning process

Brunch & Budget - Case Study

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