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Driving $1.1B in Organic AUM Growth: How NextGen Advisors Evolved the Family Firm with eMoney

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Founded in Boston in 1985, Winthrop Wealth Management is a multi-generational practice that provides scalable, planning-centric advice for its clients while driving sustainable growth for the firm.

After Max and Lucas Winthrop joined their father and uncle at the family firm, they recognized the need to reevaluate the company’s core growth strategy and technology.

To position the firm for long-term growth, they realized the need to formalize its team structure, create a consistent and repeatable service experience, and scale its core financial planning offering.

Max and Lucas conducted extensive reviews to ensure the firm’s current financial planning technology could address their evolving needs. The team evaluated eMoney as well as other planning technologies, including MoneyGuidePro, NaviPlan, Finance Logix, and Right Capital.

“When we conduct our technology evaluations, we look beyond the typical functionality of a system to the overall health of the company—security protocols, long-term vision, ability to innovate, and more,” says Lucas. “eMoney beat out its competitors across the board.”

With the right platform in place, Winthrop Wealth Management maintains 99 percent client retention with a repeatable process built around eMoney.

In this case study, you’ll also learn how the firm created a generational strategy that’s driving $1.1B in organic AUM.

eMoney and Winthrop Wealth Management

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