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FlexGen Advisors are Outpacing and Outgrowing their Peers

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The financial needs and behaviors of your clients constantly change.

So it isn’t a leap to suggest that the advisors who align with their clients’ expectations will be the ones who can rapidly grow their business. Here at eMoney, we set out to identify the attitudes, thought-processes, and actions of today’s top-performing advisors to see if this theory holds up.

And it certainly appears our hypothesis is correct.

In our research, we’ve found a subset of advisors who share common characteristics that help them outpace their peers in five key areas:

  1. Business Development
  2. Client Experience
  3. Business Practices
  4. Marketing
  5. Technology

We call this group the FlexGen AdvisorsSM.

FlexGen Advisors create memorable and valuable experiences for their clients to increase client satisfaction rates. They actively seek out new business opportunities from untapped markets. And they partner with technology to build efficient processes.

So how can you spot a FlexGen Advisor?

Easy! You look for the telltale signs.

  • 94% collaborate with clients, versus 65% of non-FlexGen Advisors
  • 91% agree that planning differentiates my practice, versus 69% of non-FlexGen Advisors
  • 96% elevate their service through technology, versus 70% of non-FlexGen Advisors
  • 62% believe a dynamic work environment attracts a new generation of advisors, versus 27% of non-FlexGen Advisors

This is just a small taste of what we’ve found.

Learn more about this intriguing group of financial professionals at our dedicated website where you find our full research report, case studies, videos, infographics, and more educational resources!

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