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The Value of the Vault

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The Vault is a valuable tool where you can safely store sensitive information with easy access for both you and your client. It employs advanced security features and protocols to keeps data safe so you can keep communicating and keep building relationships with your clients during this time when you can’t meet in person.

Ensure Clients’ Vaults are Up-to-Date

The Vault helps bring clients peace of mind by providing a centralized and organized location to store relevant financial and personal documents and files. With the Vault, clients and their families will always know where important documents are in times of need.

Now is a good time to ensure clients’ vaults are up-to-date. Encourage clients to take a look at their current Vault items and determine if any documents need to be updated or added. You can share the eMoney Vault Checklist for document suggestions to get them started.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to utilize Bamboo to help communicate with clients. Check out the Vault Document Check-In email template in Emails > Featured.

Show Clients How to Access the Vault from their Mobile Devices

The Vault is accessible from any device so clients can review, upload, or retrieve documents—such as tax returns, wills, passports, and birth certificates—from wherever they are and at any time.

First, share how to add the Client Portal to their mobile devices. Introducing Clients to the Mobile Client Portal will review how to help clients in the setup process and which user guides to share so they can start enjoying the mobile experience.

Once they have mobile access, clients can see their complete financial picture on the go and access their Vault documents. You can also share the Mobile Upload to Vault user guide as an additional resource.

Share Financial Plans to the Client Vault

Finally, the Vault provides a safe and secure way to collaborate on financial plans during this time when you cannot meet in person.

With the Vault, you can share a presentation during a phone or virtual meeting, fact check new client data at the beginning of the relationship, or provide a monthly, quarterly, or yearly snapshot of a client’s financial plan.

Pro-tip: Enable the new Vault Download alert to get notified as soon as your client views and downloads any important documents, presentations, or files from their Vault. This saves you the need to follow-up via phone or email.

To learn more about sending presentations to the Vault and making them available to the client, read Sharing a Presentation to the Client Vault.

Looking for more information? Search Vault in Help section of your eMoney advisor site to access an interactive user guide and video overview.

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