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Your 2021 eMoney In App Resources

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What makes this year's eMoney Summit different? For starters, our agenda has been built around our most popular training programs and frequently searched Help menu terms.

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This new year, take advantage of your resources to refresh your eMoney knowledge, onboard new support users in your office, and stay updated on new features and product releases.

Whether you are just getting started or an experienced user, there are always new techniques to learn and different ways to incorporate eMoney into your business. And knowing where to locate your resources and how to utilize them is the first step!

The Knowledge Base

Check out the Knowledge Base to learn more about data input, planning techniques, and more. It has virtual learning courses and a library of user guides, video tutorials, and interactive how-tos to view at your own pace. You can access the Knowledge Base by clicking on the Help tab on your homepage.

Interactive FAQs

Developed based on your feedback, the interactive FAQs provide answers to the most common questions fielded by eMoney teams. You can access this page in the Knowledge Base and your eMoney footer.

The FAQs are organized into categories such as: connections, client website, cash flow, and more. When you click on a category, an expandable list of the most common questions related to that topic will appear.

Pro tip: Do you know about intellitips? Intellitips help you to learn more about a field in Facts or a column in Reports. To access an intellitip, hover over a specific field or column and a pop up description will appear.

Virtual Live Training and Webinars

Continue your eMoney education with virtual live training sessions and weekly webinars—hosted every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. ET. You can visit the training page through the Help tab on your homepage.

Here, you can view the virtual live training dates and agenda, weekly webinar schedule, and past session recordings. You’ll also be able to learn more about the training options and register for upcoming sessions that focus on topic overviews, best practices, and new product releases.

Core Concepts Webinar Series

Introduced in 2020, these sessions are designed for beginners to cover the fundamentals of the core concepts and tools for getting started with the eMoney platform. You can complete a session either by attending a live webinar or watching a video. Live sessions are hosted daily and provide a forum to ask questions. Videos are available for those who cannot attend a live session or prefer to learn on their own.

Product Update Page

To stay updated on what’s new and upcoming on the eMoney platform, visit our Product Update page. Each month we release product updates to enhance your eMoney experience and help you to work more efficiently. Many of these updates are driven by your feedback through our Request a Feature page. You’ll also see a full 2020 recap of enhancements by product category, making it easier for you to review all planning or Client Portal updates in one place.

Finally, check out our recent webinar, Refresh Your Knowledge with New eMoney Resources, for a deeper look at our newly added, and most popular user guides that are available in the Help menu.

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