Planning to give back: How eMoney supports the community

To kick off Financial Literacy Month, a few members of eMoney’s Financial Planning Team are volunteering their time to host financial literacy workshops and finalize tax preparations for residents in the greater Philadelphia area. But, before we dive into where we’re headed, it’s only fitting to reflect on the tremendous amount of charitable giving that eMoney supported last year.

Looking back: $100,000 worth of charitable giving

In 2018, eMoney Advisor donated $100,000 to organizations that make a positive change in the communities where our employees live and work. Those organizations included:

  • Foundation for Financial Planning Pro Bono Program
  • Junior Achievement (Financial Education)
  • Girls Who Code (Tech Education)
  • Global Giving (Disaster Recovery)
  • Hope for Warriors (Military and Veterans)
  • Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (Animal Relief)

“We are proud to have employees who value giving back,” said Tessa Raum, Head of People Experience at eMoney Advisor. “Through volunteering and generous donations, they helped people locally and around the world, while supporting causes that are important to them. I’m excited that we are able to build on that tradition of giving in 2019 and beyond.”

In addition to eMoney’s contributions, our Employee Engagement Committee (EEC), a group dedicated to helping eMoney accomplish its business objectives through meaningful engagement, helped raise more than $11,500 in employee donations supporting local non-profit organizations focused on S.T.E.M. programming, disaster recovery efforts, and adolescent illness. Some of those organizations included:

  • The S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation
  • Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art
  • The Boys & Girls Club of San Diego
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Hasbro Children’s Hospital

“eMoney’s donation will allow us to run one month of an afterschool program that meets twice per week, free of charge to the participants,” said Bonnie Epstein, Interim Executive Officer at the Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art. “Our existence is dependent on the support of organizations like eMoney. We are delighted and honored that eMoney has chosen to put their confidence in us and our mission.”

Working in 2019 to make the world a better place

“Last year, we distributed an employee engagement survey and the consensus was that employees wanted eMoney to increase its charitable giving efforts to help make the world a better place,” said Raum. “And since our employees are what make eMoney great, we took their feedback and are launching charitable giving initiatives in a way that’s meaningful to them.”

Companywide charitable giving initiatives planned for this year include:

  • Employer Match Program: eMoney has committed to donating $100 per employee to non-profit organizations of their choice. This will be made possible by utilizing a new online giving platform.
  • Companywide Volunteer Days: eMoney plans to launch companywide volunteer days which employees will be able to spend one business day each quarter giving back to the local communities in Providence, Radnor, and San Diego. Additionally, the company will coordinate one companywide volunteer activity on a weekend to include employees’ families.

A few other initiatives are already underway. eMoney’s Financial Planning Group kicked off 2019 with two great partnerships with local organizations to support their financial literacy efforts:

  • Campaign for Working Families – This is an organization that provides tax assistance to lower income families in the greater Philadelphia area. A dedicated group of eMoney employees are currently volunteering more than 100+ hours with the Campaign for Working Families (CWF).
  • City of Philadelphia Controller’s Office – During the month of April, Ryan Coburn and Arleny Abad, members of eMoney’s Financial Planning Team are hosting financial literacy workshops at local coffee shops in partnership with the Controller’s Office. Each session will focus on navigating the personal financial life cycle from the early working years through to retirement.

It’s clear that giving back is an important element of eMoney’s culture and inspires our employees to do their best work. Stay tuned for more details about these exciting initiatives throughout the year.

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