Earth Day 2019: Branching out to give back

As part of the ongoing efforts to expand eMoney’s social responsibility initiatives, eMoney is excited to announce that the company is launching a new tree-planting programTo thank employees for planting their roots with eMoney, we are planting a tree in their honor and will plant trees for all of our future hires.  


eMoney is partnering with One Tree Planted to accomplish this and joining the likes of Netflix, Facebook, HP, EA Games, and many other companies that are committed to helping protect and restore the environment.

So, what better day to kick off this program than on Earth Day? To start, eMoney is making 600+ tree planting donations to the state of California in hopes of helping to restore what they lost in the 2017 and 2018 forest fires.

eMoney recognizes and understands the importance of giving back to the communities in which their employees live and work and this new program is a reflection of their desire to do good in the world. 

To learn more about eMoney’s ongoing charitable giving and volunteer efforts, click here.


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