eMoney Advisor launches new, interactive lead capture feature that enables financial advisors to streamline lead management, drive revenue and digitally grow their businesses

eMoney Launches Lead Capture, a an interactive, online workflow designed specifically for financial advisors to attract, engage and qualify leads through their online marketing efforts.
  • New feature attracts, engages and qualifies leads through online marketing efforts

RADNOR, Pa. – July 25, 2017 – eMoney Advisor (eMoney) today announced the release of Lead Capture, an interactive, online workflow designed specifically for financial advisors to attract, engage and qualify leads through their online marketing efforts. Lead Capture enables advisors to launch an automated, digital financial planning experience to future clients to help accelerate business development efforts and drive revenue. This product enhancement is fully integrated into eMoney’s wealth management platform and is available to all users of the eMoney product suite at no added cost.

Using Lead Capture, advisors generate a unique link that can be added to emails, social media posts, and websites. Once clicked, the link directs to a customized web page where prospective clients can enter basic financial information. Prospects enter a few details about their current financial situation and gain insight into how they’re tracking toward their goals. When they’re ready for help, they can request a consultation with the advisor. The advisor is notified instantly, and the lead is automatically added to the advisor’s dashboard in the eMoney platform.

“Attracting new clients online should be top-of-mind for advisors looking to accelerate their marketing and business development strategies,” said Jessica Liberi, SVP, product management, eMoney Advisor. “With our new Lead Capture feature, advisors can optimize the return on their digital marketing efforts to generate quality leads.”

Additional functionality of the Lead Capture feature includes the ability to:

  • Convert viewers online into quality leads. Ready in seconds, advisors can create a professional and customizable landing page to convert online viewers into leads.
  • Improve lead quality. Lead Capture generates the details an advisor needs to help qualify a lead, which fuels more meaningful conversations.
  • Never miss an opportunity. Advisors are instantly notified when a new lead is generated, which allows for timely communications with the prospect.
  • Ditch manual data entry. With the tool gathering the prospects’ details, data entry becomes effortless.

“Advisors need to rethink how and where they are meeting new clients,” Liberi said. “By embracing digital marketing strategies like Lead Capture, they’ll position themselves to reach new audiences, better nurture leads and grow their businesses.”

For more information about how Lead Capture works, click here.

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