Happy Thanksgiving from the eMoney Team

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And of course, that means family, football, turkey and pumpkin pie. But we all know that Thanksgiving is so much more than filling up on America’s finest comfort foods and grabbing a cat nap before the game.

It’s also the perfect time to take a step back and be grateful for those around us.

So we want to thank you for enriching your clients’ lives by Planning It Forward. Plan It Forward – a theme we explored in depth at this year’s eMoney summit – is anchored in the concept that the plans you build for your clients impact far more than their finances.

While we know you’re Planning It Forward throughout the year, it’s even more profound at this time of year – a time where clients enjoy their families and set their finances aside. It’s because of your help that clients can enjoy the holidays stress-free, knowing their financial lives are well planned.

So whether you’re the advisor offering client recommendations, the planner building the blueprint, or the assistant keeping the office running smoothly – you’re all essential to creating the plan that helps your clients live their best lives.

It’s your relentless drive to enrich your clients’ lives that inspires us to build technology that helps you continue to Plan It Forward.

Have you planned it forward this year? Tweet us your story.

It’s been an exciting year at eMoney, and we’re thankful for your continued trust. We hope you take time this holiday season to spend time with your family and loved ones, and come back invigorated to Plan It Forward with us.

Happy Thanksgiving from the eMoney Team!

Brynn Dougherty

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Brynn Dougherty is the Senior Manager of Product Marketing and Client Communications at eMoney Advisor. In addition to contributing to the blog, she creates and distributes email communications to current eMoney users. Brynn loves veggie wraps, French accents and 3-day weekends.