Top Media News Coverage: June 2017

Wealthtech Roundup: eMoney Partners With CapitalROCK (WealthMangement)
June 30, 2017
In Ryan Neal’s weekly roundup, he opens with eMoney’s recent partnership announcement with CapitalROCK. Read more >>

Fintech sales take off after DOL fiduciary rule’s partial implementation (InvestmentNews)
June 29, 2017

This article discusses the demand from advisors for a technological answer to meet the new DOL Rule requirements. Lisa Graham, Product Manager at eMoney, added insights regarding eMoney’s partnership with CapitalROCK and the Fiduciary Framework. Read more >>

eMoney Advisor Partners with Thought Industries to Launch New Training Platform (
June 29, 2017

eMoney announced plans to use Thought Industries to launch new internal training and external certification program later this year. Read more >>

HSAs: Little Understood, But Here to Stay (FA Mag)
June 28, 2017
Christopher Hershey, an eMoney Senior Financial Planning Analyst, is quoted in an article discussing HSAs and how they could be great savings and retirement planning vehicles. Read more >>

eMoney Enhancing Platform with Annuity Wizard (PlanAdviser)
June 28, 2017 

PlanAdviser recaps the recent partnership with CapitalROCK mentioning that the eMoney platform will be updated with tools designed to help users suggest the right retirement products for clients based on their individual needs and preferences. Read more >>

Most advisors still many megabytes shy of a digital practice, says Fidelity (Retirement Income Journal)
June 22, 2017
In this article, highlights include Fidelity’s 2016 eAdvisor Study and a discussion on the race amongst digital technology firms seeking brokerages and advisor adoption. Read more >>

Fidelity: Tech Gap Widens Between Haves, Have-Nots (Financial Advisor IQ)
June 20, 2017
Fidelity’s recent study, which looks at industry trends in high-tech adoption, David Edwards (a current eMoney client) talks about how he uses eMoney as his main financial planning software. Read more >>


The latest in financial adviser #FinTech (InvestmentNews)
June 15, 2017
In Michael Kitces’ monthly fintech column, he mentions eMoney and Fidelity’s AMP partnership and the Alexa demonstration at T3. Read more >>

Pershing Builds On Open API Strategy, AI For Advisors (WealthManagement)
June 14, 2017
A recap of releases from last years INSITE conference and anticipated displays for this years are included in this article. Read more >>

eMoney Advisor to be featured on Innovations TV Series (PRWeb)
June 13, 2017
eMoney is partnering with the highly-acclaimed television series, Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., for an upcoming episode – anticipated to air during fourth quarter 2017 on FOX Business. Read more >>

What you need to know to start a fee-only RIA (Financial Planning)
June 13, 2017
One of our clients, Patricia Jennerjohn, makes mention of how eMoney helps her in this article. Read more >>

Adapting new technologies, firms challenged to keep it simple (OnWallStreet)
June 7, 2017

This article examines the hybrid advisor – which combines human & computer-driven advice, and the use of artificial intelligence. eMoney’s CEO, Ed O’Brien, shares his thoughts on both within the story. Read more >>

HPE plays hybrid IT hand with Project New Stack platform (TechTarget)
June 7, 2017
Patrick Long, one of eMoney’s Senior Systems Engineer’s, is quoted in this recent article discussing Hewlett Packard Enterprises’ latest attempt to find traction in enterprise data centers that increasingly adopt hybrid IT environments.  Read more >>

The Future of Digital Financial Advice: Who Will Succeed? (ThinkAdvisor)
June 6, 2017
Ed O’Brien was quoted throughout this article on the growth and evolution of robo-advisors and how digital advice is being weaved into financial advisory firms and practices.

The 7 Tools We Use to Grow Our Practice (Streamline My Practice)
June 6, 2017
Dave Zoller of Streamline Financial Services, a current eMoney client, featured us on a recent blog post where he discusses the tools his practice uses to help grow their business. Read more >>


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