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Impactful Extras Series Webinar Recap: Using the Decision Center with its Recent Updates

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The Decision Center has become an interactive planning powerhouse with many updates in the last few months. This session will explore how to efficiently utilize the tool while focusing on the recent updates.

Looking for specific information on the Decision Center?:

Jump ahead using the chapter timestamps shown below:

  • Adding a Sample Client 3:39
  • Reviewing the Facts 6:20
  • Start with Building Your Plans 8:13
  • Building Your Plans in Decision Center 9:51
  • What-Ifs in the Decision Center 12:44
  • Reviewing Insights 14:09
  • Report Area in Decision Center 17:38
  • Running a Solver 20:49
  • Switching to Advanced Planning 25:29
  • Adjusting a Plan in Decision Center 30:38
  • Managing your What-Ifs 34:17
  • Running Monte Carlo in Decision Center 39:09
  • Reviewing the Plans in the Cash Flow Report 46:37

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