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Using Alerts to Increase Client Engagement (Training Webinar)

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Webinar: Making Money More Human: The Value of Emotional Intelligence in Financial Planning (1 CFP® CE Credit) on Thursday, October 7 from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET

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In Using Alerts to Increase Client Engagement, you learned how to create a more engaging client experience by developing best practices with Client Site Alerts.

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Topics Covered

  • What are Alerts?
    • Advisor vs Client Alerts
    • Client Portal Alerts
  • Managing Your Alerts
  • Review Advisor and Client Alerts
  • Review Client Portal Alerts

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Q&A Follow Up From Host:

How do you make a global change to General Alerts?

When you make a change to one of the general “My Alerts” it will automatically be a global change as the alert is not tied to a specific client.

There was a budgeting question that I missed relating to the capabilities of the budgeting tool.

I wasn’t able to pivot away to budgets during the webinar itself but more information on that tool can be found in this webinar:  Client Portal Series: Spending and Budgets

Is there a way to buffer the number of days the net worth has to be changed before the alert?­

Currently, there is not the ability to set a delay.  I would urge those who are continuously seeing the same clients appear to check and make sure they’re updating their baseline after the alert triggers. This is the most common cause for repeat Net Worth alerts.

The difference between My Alerts, Client Alerts, Client Portal Alert.

My Alerts are advisor alerts that relate to Tasks, Vault Storage, Alliance Partners and other general features which are not related to a single client.

Client Alerts are still advisor facing but allow you to closely monitor your client and identify problems (asset allocation threshold) and opportunities (net worth change).

Client Portal Alerts are controlled by your clients and allow them to more closely monitor their finances.

Are the Quarterly Tax Filing reminders tied to calendar quarters or the specific filing dates?

These alerts are tied to the specific filing dates, not the calendar quarters.

Can you default an alert to multiple recipients?

Yes, you can set multiple email recipients for your advisor facing alerts.


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