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10 Steps to Grow Your Business with an Engaging Website

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What’s the most visited website in the U.S.?

  • Facebook? (Everyone seems to use it.)
  • Google? (How many times a day do you Google something?)
  • (Especially the blog!)

With 1.7 billion visitors monthly, the answer is YouTube. Since its first video was uploaded in 2005, the video hosting website has 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, and over 30 million visitors a day. YouTube can be navigated in 76 different languages, which covers 95% of the world’s Internet population.

A Vast Reach

emoney engaging advisor website

There’s a huge online audience out there. Are you reaching everyone you could be?

Prospects and customers are probably searching for you online. Ninety percent of consumers haven’t made up their minds about a brand before starting their search. An interesting and informative website could convince a prospect to use your advisory services.

The Importance of Your Website

Financial advisors need to be thoughtful when establishing a digital presence. They must help their online audience understand who they are, the value they bring, and how to reach them. With a modern website, financial advisors have an opportunity to make a profound first impression that engages prospects and deepens long-term relationships.

It’s also more than likely that any tactics you’ve established as part of your marketing plan include or link back to your website—so you’ll want to be sure it’s polished and best positions both you and your business before launching those initiatives.

How to Get Started

emoney engaging advisor website

We have created an easy-to-follow 10-step guide to creating your very own engaging website. This guide will help you refresh your advisory firm’s website from a stale collection of disjointed pages to a thoughtful, creative, and appealing lead source.

Step #1: Get Inspired

What websites do you regularly visit? What do you like or dislike about them? Are they cluttered, vague, and static? Or do these sites have engaging content, pleasing visuals, and current copy?

Step #2: Choose Your Domain Name

Your domain name is your Web address. This should be simple and explanatory. The easier your domain name is to remember, the greater the chance of repeat visits.

Step #3: Select a Website Service

Just like your clients trust you with their complex financial planning needs, you can trust a Web professional to do the heavy lifting. A website service can handle the design and technical aspects of creating or updating a website. This leaves you more time to focus on your customers and your practice.

What Comes Next?

Following these steps is just the beginning of building a winning new website. You still need to organize the pages, create consistent branding, promote the website in your marketing materials, and much more:

emoney engaging advisor website
  • Does eMoney have additional marketing resources to help build my website? (Of course!)
  • What the heck is Google Analytics? (This is a crucial piece of your website design.)
  • Is really the most visited website in the U.S.? (We’re working on it!)
emoney engaging advisor website

Want the rest of the 10 steps? Learn how easily you can construct a website that showcases you and your practice, attracting customers and building your brand.

Download The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Creating an Engaging Website

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