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5 Things to Know About eMoney Connections

Data aggregation is the engine that powers the eMoney experience. And we know that aggregation is one of the core reasons you use eMoney.

But connections aren’t perfect! And we know broken connections can be frustrating for you and your clients. Because we’re dedicated to offering you and your clients a seamless and secure aggregation experience, we’re adapting the way we gather your financial data.

As you may have heard, we’re transitioning to an API-based strategy for aggregating data. While building new APIs to improve Connections is a huge focus, it’s just one part of our Data Aggregation strategy.

Below are five things you should know about eMoney Connections.

1. We Will Never Resell Your Data

Global consumers are becoming aware of how and with whom their data is being shared. So while other companies sell client data to third parties, we don’t. This is and will always be our policy.

This is our promise, and you can hold us to it.

2. We’re Transitioning Our Most Popular Connections to APIs

In 2018, we transitioned tens of thousands of client connections to APIs and opened up negotiations with our top twenty client connections.

What are we planning for this year?

In the first quarter of 2019, we’re anticipating the release of three new APIs with some of your client’s most important institutions. As 2019 continues we’ll continue toward our goal of converting all of the top twenty client connections, that represent nearly 60% of all client connections, to APIs.

How are we supporting you?

At each step of the way, we’ll be reaching out directly to the advisors and their teams whose clients are being impacted by these releases. To share required actions and suggested language that will help them communicate the changes to their clients.

3. APIs Aren’t the Only Things That Are Changing

While APIs have dominated the headlines, our Data Aggregation team has remained hard at work improving the overall connections experience. They started by making it easier to link manually created accounts on the Client Portal.

They’ve also made tons of quality of life changes you may not have noticed, like…

  • Pre-filling institutions’ names in the search bar
  • Adding the ability to request a new connection
  • And updating our architecture to provide more visibility into all your Connections in the future

And as the landscape for screen scraping has changed industry-wide, we’ve been hard at work updating our existing screen scrapers following security-related updates from institutions (like multi-factor credentials and updates to their own Client Portals).

4. Data Aggregation Is More Important Than Ever

Clients today don’t want to just hear your recommendations, they want to see them. They want to interact with them in real time—and they certainly don’t want to fill out long and complex data gathering forms.

FlexGen AdvisorsSM are embracing data aggregation to streamline the fact-gathering process. And when you use eMoney, you have access to the data and tools you need to immediately show the value of your offering.

Beyond engaging with prospects and new clients, accurate and reliable data aggregation creates the foundation required for a planning-led approach to financial advice. The transition from the foundational sample plan, to a full-fledged financial plan, is in the details. Details that show your client that their financial plan is worth what it costs them. Details that can only be provided by creating a complete financial model using their real account data.

We know how important data aggregation is to you and your clients — and that’s why it’s so important to us!

5. We’re Here to Help You Explain Data Aggregation to Your Clients

As other aggregators are noticing, data aggregation can be quite complex. So we’ve created a wide variety of materials to help minimize complexity for your clients.

Our materials introduce and explain aggregation, Connections, and APIs to your clients in an easy-to-read, straight-forward way. And we’ll continue to create more resources as the conversation around data aggregation evolves. In fact, if you consistently need to explain something aggregation-related, let us know!

In the meantime, check out the resources below, our Connections Resource Center, The Knowledge Base inside your eMoney application for guides, videos, and How-Tos.

Advisor Materials

Here you can find education blog posts, guides, videos, and webinars to help you understand and communicate around Connections with your clients.

Client Connection Guides

The client slicks and guides are designed to help your clients understand, set up, and troubleshoot connections on the Client Portal.

Connection Resource Center

Questions? Give us a call at 888-362-8482 or send us an email.