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API Transition Update: Fidelity AccessSM and Capital One

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As you might have heard, we’re implementing an API-based aggregation strategy to provide a more secure and stable connections experience for you and your clients.

During this gradual transition, we’re working with financial institutions to plan, build, and implement APIs to provide a more secure aggregation model for advisors and their clients. Over the past few months, we’ve been targeting the highest volume financial institutions based on the number of client connections.

Now we’re either building or negotiating API agreements for 57% of all client connections.

Most notably, our pilot program with Fidelity’s new API-based aggregation method, Fidelity AccessSM – kicked off on May 7 with a general rollout planned for later this year!

We also reached an agreement with Capital One earlier this year and are currently completing development on that API, along with Fifth Third – more to come on that soon.

We’ve also continued to provide communications designed to help advisors explain the API transition to their clients and help them understand how we ensure safe and responsible data aggregation.

Looking for More Information?

To learn more about eMoney’s Data Aggregation, check out our recorded webinar, All About Connections, and walk through the process of managing connections.

Or watch a recording of our API Transition webinar with CEO Ed O’Brien to get the full story on API-based data aggregation.

This communication is for service purposes only. The “API transmissions update” is an eMoney Advisor, LLC service.  An institution’s transmission of data via API does not imply a relationship or affiliation with eMoney, and the institutions have not endorsed, sponsored, authored, certified, or approved this service.

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