Why Charitable Planning and Technology Go Hand-in-Hand

Did you know that a whopping 98% of high-net-worth clients give to charity annually?

Turns out philanthropy is a huge part of your clients’ lives. And there’s a good reason why. Charitable endeavors not only help clients minimize their taxes, but allow them to benefit financially from a non-income entity and preserve the value of highly appreciated assets. However, what many clients need advice on is where exactly to allocate their donations and how to ensure their assets are passed down through multiple generations. This is where you come in.

Charitable giving can be a very complex topic and, according to the fourth annual BNP Paribas Individual Philanthropy Index report, 61% of U.S.-based philanthropists say advisors are necessary to achieve sustainable results. Essentially, clients need your expertise to make informed decisions about who they give to and in what amounts. And through the use of technology, you’re able to incorporate their charitable efforts into their financial plans in real-time.

Show Clients You’re the Missing Piece in their Charitable Planning Puzzle

For a majority of your clients, philanthropy and technology are both significant parts of their lives. Business activities, investments, and lifestyle essentials are all available online, so why not make the financial impact their charitable contributions have on their lives easily accessible, too? It’s crucial for today’s advisor to learn more about how to address questions from clients surrounding their philanthropic agenda and how to include their donations in a comprehensive financial plan.

Technology will help you prove to your clients and prospects that you’re able to best support their charitable efforts. Learn more about how you can implement charitable planning into your practice by joining us for a free workshop in a city near you. Hear directly from members of eMoney and Fidelity Charitable® on how to add charitable efforts to part of a holistic management offering and use the information to guide charity-minded clients on an annual basis.