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Train Your Clients with NEW Client Portal How-To’s

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With the Client Portal, your clients can view their entire financial landscape in a single, consolidated user experience. For most clients, it makes managing their wealth easier and more convenient. Other clients may find it stressful or challenging to learn a new technology.

And as an advisor, you have to field mundane questions like: “How do I add my bank accounts?” or “Where do I go to upload documents?”

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, your clients can now find their answers to basic questions with Client Portal How-To’s! Provide your clients with immediate guidance on the most common tasks, like connecting accounts, uploading Vault documents, or entering living expenses.

Here’s how it works

Picture this: You’re a new client who has just been granted access to their personal financial management website. You’re ready to get started, and remember viewing the Client Portal when you met with your advisor. But now you’re on your own, and nothing looks familiar.

So you click Help and immediately a menu appears with options like Add an Account or Take a Tour of this Page and when you make a selection, you’re guided step-by-step through every action.


Preview of Homepage How To Menu

The process is that simple.

  1. Clients start by clicking Help and—depending on where they are on their Client Portal—their How-To list will populate with guides relevant to the content on each page.
  2. Then, click the How-To to activate the interactive guidance and follow along with each step.
  3. That’s it!

Once the guided action has been completed, the How-To will automatically close, allowing your client to continue navigating their Client Portal without interruption.

Guidance Where You Are

We’ve designed your Client Portal How-To’s to take into account where your clients are on their website so the right information is available to them where and when they need it. Every client will have different How-To’s available to them based on the Client Portal Features their advisor has enabled.

With How-To’s on the Client Portal, your clients will be able to get the help they need whenever and wherever they need it, regardless of whether it’s during your office hours.

Your new Client Portal How-To’s will be enabled automatically so they’re available to help your clients right away. But you can always disable them by going to your Client Portal settings under Manage Client Website.

 Questions about your new Client Portal How-To’s? Give us a call at 888-362-8482 or send us an email.

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