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Financial Advisor Marketing Automation Software

If you’re looking to grow your business in 2020, your strategy should include focus on some core areas—your client experience, building a digital presence, engaging your audience online, and implementing technology tools to help you scale those efforts.

The client experience is probably one of the most talked about topics in the industry. With more competition, advisors are rethinking their client experience to help set themselves apart.A Client Portal is an important piece of the client experience but in today’s high-touch, fast-paced environment it means more than that. To truly differentiate yourself, you need to make clients feel special and valued, and exceed their expectations at every touchpoint.

Financial Advisor Marketing at Scale

The client experience actually starts well before you might think. It starts when prospects search for information online about financial advice or a financial advisor and then encounter your digital presence. If your website is dated, social media profiles are non-existent, and you’re not engaging prospects with relevant content, it’s probably time to reevaluate your client experience. Advisors need to make themselves visible and find ways to connect with their audience online.

While 65 percent of advisors seek to use marketing to expand their brand and digital presence, more than 50 percent admit time, resources, and creating and sourcing content are a challenge.Financial advisors juggle client meetings, building financial plans, and more so it’s no surprise that creating a digital presence and engaging prospects with relevant content can quickly become a lower priority.

Advisors and firms are realizing the benefits of marketing automation technology and are investing in the tools to help them improve their client experience and scale their efforts. Almost 30 percent of firms are now using digital marketing technology. 50 percent of those currently using digital marketing technology tools planned to increase their spending. 4

Use Marketing Automation Software to Grow Your Advisory Business

If you want to learn how you can build your digital presence, generate new business, and deliver a superior client experience with marketing technology—specifically marketing automation—watch our webinar, “Set Your Marketing Campaigns to Autopilot.” You’ll learn about the different types of marketing software so you know what to look for when deciding on an automation tool, as well as the steps for creating an automated marketing campaign to generate new business. You’ll also get a sneak peak of Automated Campaigns in Advisor Branded Marketing, where users will now be able to launch targeted content campaigns to generate and nurture leads in just a few clicks.


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Valerie Rivera, Senior Product Marketing Manager at eMoney Advisor, leads the go-to-market strategy for eMoney’s suite of business development solutions. Valerie began her career at eMoney in 2012 as an Account Executive and then a Live Trainer where she trained over 1,000 advisors on the eMoney platform – helping them drive success in their firms. In her spare time you can find Valerie outdoors--snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking in her home in Colorado.